Monday, July 28, 2008

Facilitating Online Communities

Put my name on the list for the Online Community course facilitated by Leigh and Otago. 28th snuck up on me and I missed the first session but will spend some time this week getting familiar with the turf. I hope I am able to contribute as much as the rest of the people in the course.

There is an amazing wealth of knowledge in the participants from such a range of backgrounds it is pretty exciting.


Mike Bogle said...

Hi Robyn, Unless I missed it too I think the first session is the Elluminate meeting tomorrow at 8 am Sydney time. I'm looking forward to the course too - based on the introductions everyone has included in the course wiki there's a lot of expertise to be found. Should be a fantastic experience. Hope to see you tomorrow,


Mike Bogle

Gabriela Sellart said...

Robyn, I agree with you, it's amazing the wide range of background of the participants. That will surely add value to the course.
I missed the meeting, too. I got mixed up with the time, I was so angry at myself!

Robyn Honeman said...

You are so right Mike I got my 28th 29th mixed up and couldn't make today :-(

Jennifer Verschoor said...

Dear Robyn,

I also have to catch up with this very active group. I´ve been away attending WorldCall in Japan and missed the first weeks.
This group will keep us busy!!
Warm regards
Jennifer from Argentina